26 March 2010

J Crew

J Crew really hit the nail on the head this spring; everything in their new collection is absolutely gorgeous.

22 March 2010

Just a few things

from Urban Outfitters. Those wedges are especially pretty.

17 March 2010


I just want to lounge in the sun forever. Someday soon it'll happen, I can feel it. In the meantime photos like these lift my spirits.
Country Cottage

12 March 2010


Check out this bleeding glacier in Antarctica, thought to be caused by microbes trapped underneath.

10 March 2010

Take note

I really love the look of this girl's winter coat with casual-looking sunglasses. What a great contrast. Her haircut's pretty hot, too.

09 March 2010


Loving these underwater photos by James Cooper; it's really interesting to see how color is dispersed in water.

04 March 2010

Come spring

My spring break is next week, and while I'm traveling somewhere a little too cold for these pieces I'm definitely hoping to dress more like this come spring.

03 March 2010

Long strands of colorful beads

The necklace in the center is my favorite-- I love the bright colors and long beads. I may try to create something similar on my own, in fact.

02 March 2010

Ashridge Estate

I'm completely enchanted by these bluebell fields located in Ashridge Estate, a park in the United Kingdom.