18 June 2010

Recent Purchases

Rather than posting things I lust after, I thought I'd list off some things I've actually purchased lately. Although the result is not quite as cute, I think it helps me to picture the direction in which my personal style is evolving.

Heels: although they were relatively expensive, I figured that they would be put to good use in Los Angeles this summer. I don't ever wear heels at school where I live (the mountains are way too treacherous!) so my anticipated city livin' excused the price tag.
Lipstick: in the pretty red color pictured. Again, just for living fabulously.
Blouse: on sale at Anthropologie.
Bra: $13 at Victoria's Secret, it might be The Hottest bra I've ever owned. The deep-v shape accentuates and the lace is just so damn pretty. I'm not sure why they show the dip-dyed color; I much prefer the others. Get one!
Books: To feed my mind. Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World(Murakami), The Unbearable Lightness of Being(Kundera), A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius(Eggers)--all recent classics, to my understanding. Got 'em used.

16 June 2010


Everything seems to have gotten away from me for a long while, including this blog. I found myself posting things that I didn't really care about. It didn't truly represent me, and I became bored. I'm working on self-improving (really, shouldn't we all?), however, and am attempting to surround myself with things that truly inspire me. I'm still trying to decide whether I can create a space here that is personal enough to represent my interests while remaining appropriate for sharing with whomever stumbles upon this site.

I'm spending this summer working in Los Angeles, the culmination of an exhausting cross-country road trip, short jaunt to San Francisco, and volunteer work on a goat farm in Big Sur. I've surely been bitten by the travel bug. I hope to spend most of my weekends in SoCal cramming my brain full of beautiful things; the Joshua Tree National Park is surely on my shortlist of things to see.

photo by moominsean.