30 April 2009

Rainbow Cake

I need an excuse to make this cake. However, my birthday is not until October-- and I don't know of anyone who has one anytime soon. Any ideas?

29 April 2009

Summer Plans

I was able to get a really cool internship this summer and will be spending 12+ weeks far away working. I'm supremely excited but a little nervous. 12 weeks is 3 whole months-- a very long time to be away from everyone I know and love! Overall, though, it should be a great experience and I'm glad to have the opportunity.

When I finish up I'll have a little over 2 weeks before school starts. I'm hoping to take some kind of trip... even just to the beach.

Does anyone else have big plans for the summer?

photos by Emma Uber

28 April 2009

Sharp Dresser

This kid has more style in his little finger than I will ever have:

"I wore the jacket with the pants because I like the different plaids together. I thought the blue in the necklace brought out the blue in the pants. It’s a blue orb with fire around it." Love it.

27 April 2009

Love of Books

The Harry Potter series was so good-- I still miss it! I'm planning on reading a lot this summer. Probably more grown-up stuff, but who knows.

23 April 2009


I think one of the best things I ever did was get him a Polaroid camera for his birthday last year. What a great eye for color. It just screams summer, I think.

New Bag

I am searching for the perfect tote/computer bag for my summer job. My requirements: the bag must be sturdy enough to lug around a medium-sized laptop, must be mature enough for the workplace, must go well with outfits both casual and conservative, and must be cute. Here's what I've come up with so far.

Clockwise from upper left: one, two (my current favorite), three, four

22 April 2009

Lovely Wonderful Fabulous

I can't remember the last time I wanted something this bad. Probably yesterday, actually. Thoughts-- are these an investment piece? Or are they trendy? I can't decide.

Found through Emily Style.

Pretty thing

Maybe I'll buy myself this sometime. It's so unique and beautiful.

Found through this blog.

21 April 2009

When an engineer owns a dog

This is so adorable. Skip to around 0:25 for best results.

Wrapped Up

So pretty. Do you wear denim skirts? I don't usually like 'em but if I had the opportunity, I bet I would make an exception for this one.

20 April 2009


I am really fascinated by the way this artist's mind works. I could never create something this intricate. The elephant is my favorite-- its tusk is perfect.

19 April 2009


A photographer happened upon this frog and submitted the picture to National Geographic. No worries though, apparently right after getting the shot he rescued the frog by removing the light. I really love this.

17 April 2009

Breakfast is cool again

Simply Breakfast has been posting again! I love the wonderfully-styled photos of food as well as the indulgent quality of the food itself. The author's favorite breakfast in December, for example: "toasted whole grain bread with blackberry preserves, fried egg. hot chocolate." Just wonderful.

That time of the week again

This week, I: got my first Real Job, became excited about upcoming projects, and ate lots of pizza.

This weekend I hope to: attend a party or two, write a paper, tidy my room, and find a wrap dress for the Job. Maybe I'll even go to a Contra Dance -- I've never been!

16 April 2009


I have been feeling an acute sense of wanderlust lately. I'm in college and should be seeing the world for cheap! All my friends are doing it! Unfortunately I have to buy a car sometime soon.

If I could travel, my top five spots would be: South Africa, Buenos Aires, the Mediterranean, Thailand, and Honduras(with Evan). If only.

Photo from here.

15 April 2009

Hey There.

Busy day today; it is my first day back and I have a big exam this afternoon. I'll be cramming all day! Who doesn't love a little encouragement by compliment, though?

Fortune found by Le Love.

14 April 2009

Kitchen Inspiration

I'm moving into a new apartment this fall and am really excited. One of the main problems, though, is the tiny galley-style kitchen. My roommate and I plan to paint the backsplash with chalkboard paint in order to add a little interest to the space.

I'd also love to have this rabbit dish rack. The kitchen lacks a dishwasher, so I'll have to buy a drying rack either way. It might as well be clever!

Blackboard pictures found on We Heart It.

13 April 2009

Easter Recap

My weekend started out in Asheville, where I painted eggs for Easter and bought herbs at a greenhouse. I'm especially excited to make omelets and salsa with the cilantro I purchased.

I cannot believe how absolutely GREEN everything is in Raleigh. After college I would love to live somewhere with a milder climate. It seriously feels like summer down here-- aren't the cherry blossoms wonderful?

It feels really good to not have to go back to school tomorrow. I could get used to this-- too bad I can never engineer my school schedule to have Fridays off!

12 April 2009

Happy Easter

Happy extended-weekend! Hope it's a good one.

Photo by Tim Walker.

10 April 2009


What a week! I'm grateful to have next Monday and Tuesday off to recuperate. I'll be going out of town for the weekend to visit some friends, which should be really nice. This week on the internet, I came across:

Holi dye. I'd like to use this someday.
A pet hedgehog! I'm now looking into getting one of my own.
The most wonderful silver rain boots.
Some great advice for not-so-great days.

Photo found here.

09 April 2009

Weeknight Recipes

I've said before that I like easily-prepared meals. I've since found some winners. Although neither of the recipes are ridiculously healthy, they both hit the spot!
I found the pasta recipe on Not Martha. I was expecting the pasta to be a little bland, but it was actually really delicious. Plus, the recipe uses kale, so I felt a little healthier eating it.These french fries were yummy, too! I cut up some potatoes and pan-fried them in a little olive oil, adding Italian seasoning, paprika, ground black pepper, and a little salt. I popped them in the oven to get crispier and ate them with soup-- yum :)

What are some of your go-to recipes on weeknights?

08 April 2009

Portable Atlas

This tattoo of a world map is amazing; I wonder if I could ever be gutsy enough to get something like it. Isn't it gorgeous, though?

07 April 2009


Hot Stuff. I wonder how that lingerie looks on a normal person..

Found through Smitten.

06 April 2009

I think I can..

I want to make one of these. It seems ridiculously (deceivingly?) simple. I found a tutorial awhile back on sewing fabric flowers so I bet that part wouldn't be too difficult. I'd love to wear something like this with a black shirt and dark jeans. Has anyone tried making something like this?

Eye on the Prize

Even if they're calling for snow here today and one of my classes sucks, I am going to be a pleasant person this week. This includes: smiling, trying my hardest in class, and not eating an entire bag of chips in one sitting. I'm relying on the upcoming Easter weekend to get me through this...

Charts from Indexed.

04 April 2009

An extra $20

Our school's psychology department is doing a study on relationships so yesterday afternoon Evan and I both volunteered to take a lengthy survey. It was a little strange but we each earned $10. To celebrate we walked down the street to a Thai restaurant and spent the entire $20 on lunch.
It was delicious but I feel a little wasteful now. I wonder how else I could have spent it! What would you have done with the extra cash?

Photo by Evan!

03 April 2009

Party Time

Hooray! It's Friday! This week has been pretty exhausting; I'm really glad that I'm that much closer to the summer.

Any big plans for this weekend? I intend to eat chocolate chip muffins, clean my room, study a little, and enjoy the mild weather.


Spruced Up

I like homes that are decorated with lots of color. Everything just looks a little better when done that way. I especially love the zig-zag green rug below.

Is it too much? Or just right?

Found here.

02 April 2009

Hair Flair

These headbands are some kind of wonderful. If I owned one I would wear it everyday-- with jeans, with skirts, in a box with a fox. Get one for yourself at Bambako.

Climate Change

Is real. I can't decide whether this rug would inspire me to change my ways or just make me feel bad. Thoughts?

01 April 2009

Wise Words

Something we should all try to do a little more.