13 April 2009

Easter Recap

My weekend started out in Asheville, where I painted eggs for Easter and bought herbs at a greenhouse. I'm especially excited to make omelets and salsa with the cilantro I purchased.

I cannot believe how absolutely GREEN everything is in Raleigh. After college I would love to live somewhere with a milder climate. It seriously feels like summer down here-- aren't the cherry blossoms wonderful?

It feels really good to not have to go back to school tomorrow. I could get used to this-- too bad I can never engineer my school schedule to have Fridays off!


Ace said...

Oh what gorgeous flowers! I've been lucky enough to have fridays off my past 2 semesters, it means pure insanity 3 days a week. But sitting in a park drinking wine in the middle of the day makes up for it. Hope you had fun in NC, you should head over to my old stomping grounds in Wilmington sometime!

Evan said...

Jesus ain't come from no egg.

Ace said...

Oh I love Zooey's bangs. I've got heavy front ways bangs as well, but they're so hard to keep in place!