30 November 2009

Look Look Look Look

I love this adorable series of murals in Philadelphia by Stephen Powers:
via Morale Agency

27 November 2009


I remember collecting gemstones back in elementary school; although they served no purpose, I loved to look at them. They were so shiny and colorful! It would have been much more practical to string one of them on a necklace so I could just carry it around all day with me. In fact, if I happened to come across the perfect stone, I'd still be open to the idea.

24 November 2009


I know I've said it before, but I want a puppy real bad.

23 November 2009

Coffee Totem

A little pricey but completely adorable, I would love to display a set of these mugs on my counter.

20 November 2009

A random assortment of mood-lifting photos

I am too tired to come up with a cohesive reason as to why I chose these photos other than the fact that they make me supremely happy. Again, I use hyperbole because I am exhausted. Hopefully this weekend I can catch up on sleep.
first via le love, second, third

17 November 2009


I may have just added a pair of moonstone earrings to my holiday wishlist. I love their cloudy quality; they seem both subtle and eye-catching at once!
options: one, two, three, four

16 November 2009


Trench coat, short hair, and a badass pair of boots. Awesome.

13 November 2009

Maple Syrup Cookies

I am making these as soon as possible, 'cause nothing screams winter festivity more than buttery cookies covered in a maple syrup reduction.

12 November 2009

Mark My Words

These boots will be mine. I will tuck skinny jeans into them, wear them with tights, and love them forever. Plus, did you know that J. Crew offers 15% off everything as soon as you furnish a student ID? It's obvious that I was made to wear these.

11 November 2009


Are we even halfway to winter yet? The chilly rain that started back up yesterday seems to indicate that winter might be here for awhile. If only the winter here weren't accompanied by icy winds, perhaps I'd be more okay with the season.
I like to imagine that in some glorious parts of the world, cold weather doesn't seem to suck your soul out. Rune Guneriussen's photos evoke that exact sort of tranquil winter setting. In the mean time, I plan to hibernate.

05 November 2009


Someday I would love to live in a house that resembles a curiosity shop. This just became a life goal of mine after viewing this home located in upstate New York. Isn't it perfect?

04 November 2009


For my birthday a few weeks ago I decided to make sangria. I found an amazing recipe that uses cloves, cinnamon, oranges, and pears. It tasted so wintry; I can't wait to make it again at Thanksgiving.