30 July 2009


This piece, called Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity, by Yayoi Kusama, is purely stunning. I love the title too.

28 July 2009

Grass, greener

Is it even August yet? Anthropologie's latest selection of bags has me itching to slip on my Frye boots and go play in the (nonexistent) leaves. Too bad I won't see this kind of weather for at least two months.
Autumn is definitely my favorite season; I love stocking up on winter clothing. Trying on the heavy clothing conjures visions of cool mornings, warm drinks, and vibrant leaves. Even the notion of going back to school each year is exciting; the time of year is filled with resolutions, fresh notebooks, and a brand-new schedule to get used to. I can't wait!

27 July 2009

Fast-Food Virgin

Before I came out to California for the summer, I had a pretty specific list of things I wanted to experience for the first time: I hoped to see the Golden Gate Bridge, eat a whole artichoke, ride my bike everywhere, and try an In-N-Out burger.
I had heard wonderful things about In-N-Out; its burgers seemed to have a cult following. I was a picky eater as a child, however, and I had never tried a burger from a fast food joint before. They had never appealed to me, seeming greasy, wilty, and rubbery. Still, I persevered, ordering a hamburger and french fries. Basic enough, right?
My god, I'm a fan for life! The vegetables on the burger are fresh, the meat is good, and the sauce is to die for. Plus, the fries are made fresh and to order. It's easy to understand why people flock to this chain--this is one thing I'll surely miss about California.
photo by Hankins

24 July 2009


David Horvitz decided to write clever instructional ideas throughout 2009. You can buy a subscription or opt to view them online. I love how completely random and sweet his suggestions are.

23 July 2009

San Francisco

A few weeks ago, during Evan's visit, he and I came across a marvelous community garden nestled into a park with views of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was so nice--and unexpected!--to come across such a thing in the heart of the city.
What's really cool is that this park was only a short walk from Fisherman's Wharf, the typical sightseeing area of San Francisco. This quick hike afforded us much better views with virtually no crowds. I'm learning that the best way to see (and truly grasp) an area lies in the willingness to walk it.
Having a GPS-enabled phone helps too, of course.

22 July 2009

Not Party Juice

Today is Evan's birthday. Happy Birthday, Evan!
While I can't be there to celebrate, I hope he enjoys the day by making some of this yummy-looking punch. And if not, well, I'll just have to make some the next time I see him!
This drink would really hit the spot with an extra splash of liquor-- perhaps some gin or lemon vodka? Birthdays only come around once a year, after all!

20 July 2009


Autumn. Patterned skirts, Skinny Jeans. Cardigans. Candy Apples, Apple Cider, long walks at night in pretty shoes. I'm a 7.5, think I can swing 'em?

17 July 2009

Hair envy

My hair is getting to that point again. You know the one; where it's all limp and droopy and you can't help but feel jealous of other people's fabulous coifs? I'm getting it cut in a few weeks but right now I'm feeling a very special sort of hair envy: I wish my hair looked this good pinned up quasi-messily. How do they do it?
(third photo via hot child in the city)

16 July 2009


Nick Veasey's book, X-Ray, contains the most stunning images of items photographed with an x-ray. I love how he chose such commonplace objects to shoot; the nature of the photography really showcases the details of his subjects.

15 July 2009

Small eating areas

Lately I've been thumbing through my copy of Domino: Book of Decorating that I was lucky enough to win on EmilyStyle a few months back. I'm really excited to move in to my new apartment next month but a little worried about its small galley-style kitchen.
Although completely different styles, both of these photos suggest ways to utilize a small eating area. I love the idea of stools that could tuck under a small table(first photo) and the open shelves above the dining area(second) that allow for extra storage. Both very clever ideas.
The Domino book itself is pretty great, by the way, and I can see myself getting a lot of mileage out of it when I graduate school and get a larger place.

Both found in the Domino Magazine flickr pool

13 July 2009


I somehow acquired a folder of photos titled "Space" on my laptop, more than likely because of my precocious boyfriend. I have to admit, these takeoff photos are breathtaking.
I'm not certain where Evan found them, but I know he likes to frequent this NASA page.

10 July 2009


I haven't cooked anything this entire summer.
Don't get me wrong, I love to make my own meals. There's something so rewarding about researching and preparing good food-- yet I haven't done so once this entire summer.
After big continental breakfasts and restaurant lunches at work, I'm just not in the mood to make myself a sit-down dinner. Instead, I'm content with some fruit, yogurt, or toast. I've also discovered that cooking for one seems much more tedious. Now that I don't have anyone with which to share my food, I'm just not motivated to prepare anything. Horrible, right?
I haven't gone completely insane, thankfully. I'm still poring over recipes, squirreling them away until I move in to my apartment in August. I hope to make this decadent-sounding creme brulee french toast as soon as I unpack my kitchen.

09 July 2009

Frivolous Machines

I'm pretty easily charmed by flashy contraptions. It's almost a given, then, that I'm taken with Rube Goldberg-style designs, which are purely devoted to garnering an audience rather than doing anything remotely useful.
Couple that with my love of internet design and programming and you get this amazing website by Hema! It's an adorable little page whose contents interact to form a Goldberg-esque chain reaction.
via finsbry

08 July 2009

Weekend highlights

This past weekend, I: stuck my toes in the Pacific ocean, drank gin and tonics from a paper coffee cup while watching fireworks outside, and hiked halfway across San Francisco.
It's been really great to spend the summer in such a nice location; I'm really glad to have the opportunity to live here. There are so many interesting, odd-ball things to see in the Bay Area.

06 July 2009

Beat of your own

Check this out: a Do-It-Yourself music box. It comes with a hole punch and instructions so you can punch away the notes to your own mini-masterpiece. This would be a really cute small gift.

02 July 2009

happy summer

Here's hoping your upcoming holiday weekend is filled with lots of sugar, sunshine, and fireworks. Evan is in town for a few days and we're hoping to visit Half Moon Bay, Berkeley, and San Francisco! What are you up to?

01 July 2009

I bet

What do I need? To quit spending money so freely-- and a hug. However mundane, it's always interesting to listen to the perceived necessities of others. Doing so can provide perspective-- or perhaps the realization of another personal need!
This clever little site provides a forum for every sort of necessity under the sun, be it cherry limeade, love, or socks. It was created by the fabulous Kristen over at postcards from the side of the room, and I love it.