29 September 2009


My roommate says that mounted antlers are tasteless but I'm strangely attracted to them. In the name of keeping the peace I'm hoping to settle on a small pair for my bedroom. What do you think-- are they tacky, overly trendy, or AMAZING? I've already researched some options; I hope someone else out there thinks they're as wonderful as I do!
first image via Domino
antlers: 1 , 2 , 3

28 September 2009


Yesterday we had the most gorgeous autumn weather; cool and breezy with a bright blue sky. The leaves are just starting to change as well! I hope that the weather stays consistent for a little while, as I'd like to spend some time outdoors. Hopefully I can talk some friends into visiting a corn maze this year, as I've never been to one. I'd also like to go for a nice drive to look at the leaves. What are you excited to do this fall?

25 September 2009

First Panic

My internship this past summer really put my upcoming graduation from college into perspective. In December 2010 I will be thrust out into the Real World, and I have no idea where I'd like to go.

I've moved between the east and west coasts multiple times in the last four years, and from that, I've learned that I can be comfortable living basically anywhere. The other day at my university's job fair I identified my "preferred geographic region" as the west coast. I hadn't even realized this was true!

As it turns out, I miss California quite a bit. Plus, the Bay Area is THE place to be if you're working in the tech industry--which I plan to be. There are many other cities across the U.S. I could see myself in, but I truly have no clue what I'm looking for. I have no real considerations to speak of and all of this freedom is mildly overwhelming!

21 September 2009


A few weeks ago the temperatures dipped and fall began. With the cooler weather came rain, mostly in a steady weeklong drizzle. I haven't minded it, though, as it gives me the excuse to wear cozy sweaters and drink lots of chai tea. It's a little difficult to start the week well when all I want to do is stay in bed and read.

18 September 2009


I was talking to a friend the other day about how I need a mantra. Here are two options, depending on my mood:

17 September 2009

Highland Cattle

I'm not sure why, but I think these highland cattle are kind of adorable. Just the thing to brighten my end-of-week spirits!

16 September 2009


Sometimes I wonder how often the people in missed connections listings actually get to meet. If nothing else, wouldn't it be a funny story to tell their friends?
A few weeks ago I left a note on a guy's car because I liked his bumper stickers. We went out a few times but nothing came of it. I still believe in kismet. Reading these illustrated missed connections gives me hope--it could happen to anyone!

"Are you scared of birds or something? Well, whatever the case, it was cute. Do you live on N7th too? We could hang out. "

"If not for your noisy Tambourine, I would not have seen you. Your green skirt looked terrible, but that leather jacket makes you look just right. I was the attractive guy sitting to your left just before you got off. "

14 September 2009


This past weekend I finally made it out to a university football game! My school is pretty big on the sport-and this is my third year here-so it was high time to catch a game. The stadium has a gorgeous view of the surrounding mountains; I really love living here.

08 September 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

This movie is going to be adorable, I know it.

07 September 2009


Remember when I admitted that I hadn't cooked anything all summer? I had been so disappointed in myself, but I was ready to change my ways as soon as I got back to my normal routine.
Unfortunately, I haven't exactly followed through on that goal. I've been so busy with school, work and other commitments that I have no time to think about eating anything other than the chicken sandwiches from the campus cafeteria. This week, though, I fully intend to make this pizza. It seems simple enough, and you can't go wrong with goat cheese, lemon, and squash, right?!

04 September 2009

Life Goal #427

Someday I'd like to live in a treehouse. I'll admit that I have a tiny fear of heights, but I'd be willing to look past that in order to stay in one of these dreamy treetop homes.
via Frolic

03 September 2009

Cold Weather

I would love to own a print by Jon Klassen.

01 September 2009

Leather tennis shoes

Forget moccasins. This fall I'd like to live in a pair of leather tennis shoes. Accompanied by lots of cozy flannel, of course.