19 February 2009

Food Shelves



I would love to hang any of these above my stove. Maybe they would inspire me to bake my own bread... something I've wanted to do for far too long!

Prints by Camille Soulayrol via Black Eiffel.

17 February 2009

Spring Fever

The header I currently have is of my town. Last fall I took a bunch of pictures from a mountaintop and assembled them in Paint:


A few weeks ago during a snowstorm I was waiting at night for the bus to get to campus when another route came by, about 20 minutes late. I realized that my bus would probably be similarly tardy so I flagged the bus down and it pulled over to pick me up, even though I wasn't at a stop scheduled for the route. The snow was so bad that the driver offered to drop me off on campus in between stops-- whatever was best for me.

People in small towns are just ridiculously nice, it seems. I love being able to walk down the street and smile at passers-by.

As an added bonus.. in the summertime there is a kickass farmer's market where I once found flowers as big as my head!


16 February 2009

If Only!

We have been having the most fantastic weather here lately, with highs even venturing into the 60s last week! This week, however, will be more like this:


The wind here is FIERCE. Thank you, weather.com, for making me dread this week. I wish our winter/spring weather were like this:


tipsoflightBoth photos taken by mrs. french, via Darling Dexter.

14 February 2009

Happy Day

We made these from Smitten kitchen:


They are cooling on the counter and smell delicious. The boy is out buying champagne flutes for this evening.

Hopefully when he gets back we'll go out to the Blue Ridge Parkway and walk around.. but it's pretty cold and blustery outside. Tonight we'll eat cheese (cotswald-- yum.) and these brownies, watch a movie and play Connect Four (my v-day present).

I hope everyone's having a great day!

13 February 2009

Valentine's Day is tomorrow!

Back when my boyfriend and I dated long distance, we'd always throw cute cartoons and pictures into our love letters. Now that we're living in the same town I'd like to include any and all of these clever pictures in the V-Day card I made for him.


via Design Crush

Kate Spade has a bunch of printable/e-mail-able cards to send. Love them!

2e21g771via Le Love

We both love Panera Bagels-- the cinnamon crunch with hazelnut cream cheese is amazing!

new-yorker-snailvia Cupcakes & Cashmere

I hope everyone has a good one! : )

12 February 2009


I've tried to start blogs before but they've never stuck. I hope this one will-- I have so many things floating around my head that I would love to share.

First up: Pretty, whimsical photos by Harpy on flickr!