17 February 2009

Spring Fever

The header I currently have is of my town. Last fall I took a bunch of pictures from a mountaintop and assembled them in Paint:


A few weeks ago during a snowstorm I was waiting at night for the bus to get to campus when another route came by, about 20 minutes late. I realized that my bus would probably be similarly tardy so I flagged the bus down and it pulled over to pick me up, even though I wasn't at a stop scheduled for the route. The snow was so bad that the driver offered to drop me off on campus in between stops-- whatever was best for me.

People in small towns are just ridiculously nice, it seems. I love being able to walk down the street and smile at passers-by.

As an added bonus.. in the summertime there is a kickass farmer's market where I once found flowers as big as my head!


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