31 March 2009

This bracelet

...would look great with a little sundress this spring, don't you agree? You can find it here.

30 March 2009

No Words Necessary

Do you eat well?

I try to eat lots of fruits and lean protein but sometimes it's difficult to do so (especially on a student budget!). Last year, however, I got a cookbook that really inspired me:
Blue Eggs and Yellow Tomatoes is stuffed with really great, easy recipes-- most require less than ten ingredients, including seasonings. The emphasis is on cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables but the book doesn't shy away from suggesting ingredients such as canned beans. In short, it's perfect.

Where do you find easy, cheap, healthy recipes?

Kitchen photo from the Design Sponge Shop.

27 March 2009

Sleep Easy

I would love to wake up to these pillowcases. Another thing I'd like to do but will probably not get around to for awhile.
Creature Comforts is a treasure trove of inspiration, by the way.

26 March 2009

I love this stuff.

I am pursuing a minor in Internet Studies mostly because I am fascinated by the opportunities created by the Internet. It has the power to simplify and enrich our lives by quite a bit.

One such website that really exemplifies these ideas is Etsy. I could spend hours looking at all the beautiful stuff in the online marketplace. I've recommended the site to many friends; all of it is just too good!Gold Wireball earrings by Polished Two.

Ranunculus photo by Scarlet Beautiful.

Treehouse print by At Whim, Kissing Booth Print by Roll and Tumble.

What are your favorite things on Etsy?

Summer Checklist

I would like to remember everything I wanna do this summer (along with finding a Real Job..)
Making butter seems like it would be something fun to do for a yummy brunch. Although I will have to build up my arm strength, it seems like a ridiculously simple task.


25 March 2009


I didn't think I liked any of Charlotte Ronson's collection for JC Penney but I came across it again in Glamour magazine.

I guess you just gotta take the excessive eye makeup (cropped out) and punky accessories with a grain of salt. Especially if the pieces are on sale! Find 'em here.

24 March 2009

The beginning

Lows in the 40s all this week? Hallelujah! I don't care if it pours rain, I have boots. I am just very happy that this winter finally seems to be coming to an end.

Photo by daytrips, forecast by weather.com.

20 March 2009

Welcome to Spring!

The high today was 47 degrees Fahrenheit and people here were walking around in shorts and flip flops. I think everyone around me is glad that it's about to be springtime. Also, it's Friday!

Any big plans for this weekend? I am going to a fun dance party this evening and my boyfriend's parents are coming up tomorrow. We're going to look at pictures from his recent trip to Honduras (yes, I'm very jealous.)

I hope everyone has a good one!
(sign, cat)

19 March 2009

Good Eats

I'm pretty excited to eat fresh produce this summer. I'd like to keep potted herbs and vegetables on my back porch so I can make omelets and salsa whenever I'd like. My top picks:
These photos of cilantro, raspberries, tomatoes, and green beans all look delicious. I think I'll buy seeds tomorrow! Last year I had some big pots of basil and ate Italian food for months! Is anyone else planning on growing food this spring?

18 March 2009

I suspect these are before my time...

But still amazing! I'd kind of love to pin the mini-skirts button onto my bag. I found this adorable collection of pins here.

17 March 2009

Pinch Me

It is Saint Patrick's Day! Hope it's a good one :)

16 March 2009



Not Martha tipped me off to these amazing taco truck prints. I don't even live in a place with taco trucks! Why do I want one so bad? I bet my boyfriend, Evan, would like one of these in his kitchen!

Find 'em on Etsy, of course.

15 March 2009


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Today was the last day of Spring Break! It is quite possibly the second-last one I will ever have. I just got back to my apartment a couple hours ago, though, and I wish I could have a really lazy day tomorrow.

Lazy Day Inspiration by Kate Neckel.

13 March 2009

Summer Lovin'


I got this dress from Forever 21 the other day and couldn't be more thrilled! Hopefully I will live in it as soon as the temperature begins to rise...

Does anyone else agree that the worst part of spring fever is the knowledge that other people don't have to endure it? As in, people in warmer climates could wear this dress RIGHT NOW?

12 March 2009

Like daisy chains but way more chic



For the new year of 2008, I resolved to learn origami. I got as far as becoming (temporarily) adept at making paper cranes. Something about the idea of making something beautiful from plain paper had fascinated me..

Has anyone else noticed that chains of paper cranes seem to be very cool right now? Whether hung from a tree in an outdoor wedding or used as a permanent decorating piece in a hipster loft, they definitely perk up a space. I'd love to copy this idea at my apartment!

Photos found on A Cup of Jo and Apartment Therapy.

11 March 2009

Maybe I just need to carry a baguette.




My mother is French-Canadian and I like to think this makes me sort-of French by association. However, I still wish I were able to dress like a French woman. How do they do it?

(Pictures from The Sartorialist, Garance Dore, and other places...)

10 March 2009

Furnishing My Room

drawers2I currently have two large-ish closets in my bedroom but will not be quite so lucky next year. I would use the drawers in this unit from Ikea to hold t-shirts and the surfaces to stack books and a vase of flowers.

However, it's only 20 inches high. Is it too short to use it this way?

Travel Diary

A few weeks ago, Maya posted about her grandmother's trip around the world as a teen. The pictures of her travel journal are amazing-- I can't decide whether I'm more jealous of the trip or her discipline in keeping the diary. Check it out!

09 March 2009

Elephants are Cool


I found this hamper on the Apartment Therapy website and was instantly smitten. It would look amazing in my bedroom.. especially since I usually just throw dirty clothes in the closet! Would you ever own something like this?

Also, did you know that along with having crazy complex social structures, elephants can feel grief and make music?

08 March 2009






I know this guy. I think he is very talented, and I love how the subjects are framed in the photograph. I think these photos are beautiful.

Can You Whistle?


I can! I just got home and was so excited to see my dog again! Animals are so adorable; check out this puppy trying to whistle, from Smitten on Glamour.com!

05 March 2009

Heads Up:

The fabulous blog oh, hello friend is giving away some awesome stuff right now...

04 March 2009

Going Home


My Spring Break starts Friday and I am going to stay with my family outside of Seattle. It's a really fun city with a lot of interesting stuff to see!



Fremont Troll Statue, The Space Needle, and the Pike Place Market in the Rain, all taken by me.

Past and Present

I love reading. Like most people who claim this, however, I don't usually do so as much as I'd like! Some books I want to finish in the next few months:

Still Life with Woodpecker {Tom Robbins} : I've heard great things about the book and its author.

Among Other Things, I've Taken up Smoking {Miranda Donnal} : I started reading it a few weeks ago but was too sleepy! The beginning was great, though..

Suite Francaise {Irene Nemirovsky} : Another good book I haven't yet finished.

InStyle Secrets of Style : It's pretty inspiring but not really a book you "read" through. Still, it's on my nightstand and deserves a second look!


Some books I have read recently and loved:

We Need to Talk About Kevin {Lionel Shriver} : Fascinating story about a mother dealing with her son committing a school shooting.

A History of Love {Nicole Krauss} : Beautifully written story about love and loneliness.

Any suggestions?
Bookcase photo by Chotda.

02 March 2009

Snow Daze


Yesterday morning it started blizzarding and barely stopped until 6 P.M.! All classes were cancelled today, which probably hasn't happened in a decade. My campus is covered in igloos and snowmen.. it's fantastic.

Photo By Ilina S on flickr.