28 January 2010

A Tale of Two Cities

These doubly-exposed photos from the flickr pool A Tale of Two Cities are really fascinating--one photographer shoots a whole roll of film and then sends it off to an entirely different part of the world for someone else to shoot over it! I love how vibrant the colors are.

26 January 2010

Cypress Mountain

Have you guys heard about the mild weather Vancouver's been having? The winter olympics are set to begin in 15 days and yet one of the mountains used for some of the events has barely any snow! Apparently they're going to cart in snow from the top of the mountain. Of course, many of the events will be held at Whistler, where the weather is much cooler.
I'm still ridiculously excited for these olympics--I watched about 50 hours of hockey over my winter break, so I think I'm just about ready to watch the games!
Cypress Sunset by HDR Cafe

25 January 2010

Spool No. 72

Wish I had known about this store before the holidays, everything in it is perfect!
..Although I wouldn't be able to wear any of these beauties until May anyways.

22 January 2010

Cheddar Cheese and Onion Pie

The tree branches outside are currently decorated with thick icicles; therefore, I believe that it is still appropriate to indulge in hearty winter food.

21 January 2010


Super-soft American Apparel cotton for a decent price PLUS helping a very worthy cause? I've already ordered mine.
via Black Eiffel

20 January 2010


I like to make plans. I spend quite a bit of time compulsively day-dreaming, convincing myself of experiences I need to have. It's been particularly bad lately and I have the worst sort of wanderlust. If only my bank account would comply!

18 January 2010

Ditzy print

Quite possibly the most adorable piece of clothing American Eagle has ever stocked. I'll wear it with strappy leather sandals all summer long.
..Is anyone else itching for warm weather?

05 January 2010

Things I like

A tanktop with a zippered back, pretty earrings, a tapestry, and a canvas bag. I've been looking for a cool tapestry for awhile; the bitter cold necessitates an extra layer of insulation over my bedroom window! All from Urban Outfitters.

01 January 2010

On Resolutions

My, last year was BIG. HUGE. Gigantic, even.
I lived alone in California all summer, got my first job related to my education, realized that I could pull off a short haircut, bought my very first car, learned how to date for the first time after a long relationship, and survived many other day-to-day trials and achievements.
For once, I don't have any big goals for the new year. In 2009 I learned that I had the ability to get myself through nearly anything, and this year I'm just hoping to keep that in mind at all times. I'll be graduating this December, a semester ahead of schedule; rather than resolving to do anything in particular, I'm hoping to have this same grade of confidence in myself and my abilities a year from now.