30 June 2009


Lately I have been inspired by handwritten letters. With good reason, as I've been receiving quite a bit of mail from Evan. Speaking of a similar aesthetic, he must have gone to an antique store to buy some of these gorgeous old-timey postcards! I love looking at them. It really is so nice to receive snail mail; I'm a lucky girl.

29 June 2009

Pack rats

In order to spend my summer away from home I had to pack up the contents of my apartment and put it all in storage. Being forced to sort through my belongings and consider what I would need for the summer made me realize just how much extraneous stuff I actually own.
Looking through Paho Mann's photographs of junk drawers reminds me again of these feelings. How often are the mundane items we cling to actually used? Would paring down my belongings really give me a sense of structure or order? Alternately, is it necessarily bad to collect things?

26 June 2009

Birch nightstand

This tutorial on building a birch log table is really great. I'm fascinated by the shape and texture of the grouped logs; I'd love to create my own to use as a nightstand. Doing so would definitely add some personality to my bedroom!

24 June 2009

Bicycle built for anyone

Today I'm looking at this whimsical illustration of quite a few different bikes as observed by Scott Barry in Amsterdam. I love their impossibly curvy frames and exaggerated details!

23 June 2009

Great view

I keep coming across this photo featured on Apartment Therapy not too long ago. The array of plants in their mismatched pots looks fantastic. I'd love to be sitting inside this home with the doors open looking out at all of these colorful plants!

Photo by Manuel M. Ramos licensed for use under the Creative Commons

Beach boardwalk

I went to Santa Cruz this weekend and the weather was perfect! I'm far too sensitive to swim in the chilly Pacific waters but I thoroughly enjoyed the scenery.

22 June 2009

Spring in my step

I almost wish it were springtime again; dreary weather would provide the perfect excuse to carry a darling gingham umbrella-- with a wooden handle, no less! from cinq via all the mountains.

19 June 2009

Green with envy

A bunch of my friends have been toiling away this summer creating a garden at Evan's apartment. There are sections for potatoes, garlic, greens, and herbs, among other things. Needless to say, I'm ridiculously jealous. I'll be back in town by the end of summer to sample the fruits of their collective labor, but for now this photo will have to suffice.

18 June 2009

A Nice Thought

"Many people need desperately to receive this message: ‘I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people do not care about them. You are not alone.'" -Kurt Vonnegut

Rainbow Window Flower by decor.amor

17 June 2009

Good Idea: Strawberry-Honey Butter

So, I love breakfast foods. And carbohydrates. Therefore, I'd love to try this strawberry-honey butter on some nutty whole-grain toast. What other kinds of fruits juice well? I want to make this butter in the fall-- perhaps with an apple.

16 June 2009

Try not to look

Does anyone else remember the Hamster Dance website that was popular in the '90s? Well, Sweet GIFs is a step up from that. The site contains the most hypnotic moving images you'll ever find.
(via kate spade)

15 June 2009

Simple Mathematics

Striped shirt
+ Strappy Sandals
+ Wavy Hair
+ Leather Bike Seat
+ a book (and enough time to read it)
= perfection, yes?

13 June 2009


I'm a rabid Toronto fan by default but I am SO glad Pittsburgh won the Stanley Cup. Regardless of whether you agree (or care at all), I'm sure you could still agree that this photo recovered at an antique store is pretty charming.

11 June 2009


Sometimes Evan and I go for drives simply to look at the countryside around our school. On these trips, one of our favorite things to spot is beautiful trees. In order for a tree to be noteworthy, it must: a) not be pruned, b) have wide, arcing branches, and c) appear suitable for a treehouse. We've never really laid out the rules quite so strictly; I suppose we just have the same aesthetic. I believe he would approve of this tree in Oxford, England.

10 June 2009

All Stars

I've worn pairs of Converse All Stars until my feet were more exposed than covered, the pattern on my socks clearly visible to the world. Something about their simple aesthetic, though, always keeps me coming back for more. I plan to break in this pair of All Star Lights this fall by wearing them to class everyday.Found through simplesong

09 June 2009

Flowers in Berkeley

This past weekend I rented a car and drove up to Berkeley. Despite the terrifying, crowded freeway ride up there, I managed to fall in love with the town. I hit up a yard sale and bought a cute little teacup saucer. I also bought a million pieces of stationery at a plethora of cool independent shops and enjoyed some really delicious food (salted caramels, a macaron, and a ridiculously fresh asiago bagel.)
I had not expected Northen California's plant life to be quite so abundant. Perhaps this is why I keep noticing it. The sheer diversity of plant life is incredible; so many front yards are covered in gorgeous wildflowers and rosebushes, and many streets are lined with gnarled trees. In fact, all this greenery may be one of my favorite things about being here this summer!

08 June 2009

One Stylish Goldfish

I have more purses than I know what to do with-- beautiful, comfortable, perfect purses suited to just about any outfit I could throw together. However, this bag from anthropologie seems to be the one that could fill that unexplainable aching void in my wardrobe. Or maybe I just have the attention span of a goldfish.

05 June 2009

Desperately Seeking Vitamin D

I suppose I've got a touch of cabin fever lately. This is odd because I'm spending the summer in a glorious locale with millions of things to do. Truth be told, I do far fewer exciting things when I don't have anyone to accompany me.

I really just want to braid my hair, go on a picnic, and sit outside in the sunshine. Hopefully these goals are within reach over the weekend, as I am also planning to attend a citywide yard sale. I guess things aren't all that bad.. ;)

braids, picnic, and sunshine.

04 June 2009

I know, I know..

I grew up in the south yet have enjoyed decent red velvet cake only once or twice. What gives?
I'm not sure how exactly this travesty has occurred, but I do know this: a good red velvet cake is to to die for. Especially with a thick, creamy icing to seal in the cake's flavor. I'm waiting with bated breath to sample this recipe featured on Design Sponge.

03 June 2009

Vintage Printables

Vintage Printables is a great online resource for free high-resolution printable images of everything under the sun. I'd love to hang a couple of their designs in the dining/living room area of my next apartment; they'd be so pleasant to look at while eating a quiet meal.

Found through I Suwannee

02 June 2009

Man's Best Friend

This dog is a mix of a poodle and a golden retriever. I can just imagine it trying to sit in my lap: AWESOME. Also, it could be the perfect pillow, don't you think?

01 June 2009

Wishful Thinking
(or, How I will Rationalize this Purchase)

It's Monday, therefore, I need a little cheering up. The weekend is over and my alarm went off promptly at 7:00 AM this morning. Wouldn't it have been nice to wake up to something a little more pleasant?

I'm thinking of ordering one of the banners from royal buffet to string on the wall over the head of my bed. The muted colors and the sheer cheeriness of a garland should strike a perfect balance and make getting out of bed a much simpler task.
One can dream, right? In the meantime, I'm debating which one I should purchase.