04 June 2009

I know, I know..

I grew up in the south yet have enjoyed decent red velvet cake only once or twice. What gives?
I'm not sure how exactly this travesty has occurred, but I do know this: a good red velvet cake is to to die for. Especially with a thick, creamy icing to seal in the cake's flavor. I'm waiting with bated breath to sample this recipe featured on Design Sponge.


Lauren Elizabeth said...

we live in the south as well, and my family loves red velvet cake. i must take note of this recipe!

megan and melissa said...

This looks so yummy..I don't live in the south and haven't had red velvet cake very many times in my life...but I must try this recipe! Thanks for sharing.

Thao said...

Eeeee! I adore red velvet anything--so much that I have to squeal about it at 8 in the morning! :) (BTW, I love the header ... that typeface is to.die.for.)