29 June 2009

Pack rats

In order to spend my summer away from home I had to pack up the contents of my apartment and put it all in storage. Being forced to sort through my belongings and consider what I would need for the summer made me realize just how much extraneous stuff I actually own.
Looking through Paho Mann's photographs of junk drawers reminds me again of these feelings. How often are the mundane items we cling to actually used? Would paring down my belongings really give me a sense of structure or order? Alternately, is it necessarily bad to collect things?


Anonymous said...

We're going through this too, while moving - trying to sort through those things, deciding what you really need to keep and move 5000km away. It's hard!

Anonymous said...

Haha I hate clutter. I'm such a purger!

jane said...

you should see my junk drawer(s)... am off to read more:) besos!