01 January 2010

On Resolutions

My, last year was BIG. HUGE. Gigantic, even.
I lived alone in California all summer, got my first job related to my education, realized that I could pull off a short haircut, bought my very first car, learned how to date for the first time after a long relationship, and survived many other day-to-day trials and achievements.
For once, I don't have any big goals for the new year. In 2009 I learned that I had the ability to get myself through nearly anything, and this year I'm just hoping to keep that in mind at all times. I'll be graduating this December, a semester ahead of schedule; rather than resolving to do anything in particular, I'm hoping to have this same grade of confidence in myself and my abilities a year from now.


{lovely little things} said...

Hope 2010 is as successful a year as 2009 was for you!

Kennedy said...

such a good resolution.

Anne said...

I like your attitude! :D