04 March 2009

Past and Present

I love reading. Like most people who claim this, however, I don't usually do so as much as I'd like! Some books I want to finish in the next few months:

Still Life with Woodpecker {Tom Robbins} : I've heard great things about the book and its author.

Among Other Things, I've Taken up Smoking {Miranda Donnal} : I started reading it a few weeks ago but was too sleepy! The beginning was great, though..

Suite Francaise {Irene Nemirovsky} : Another good book I haven't yet finished.

InStyle Secrets of Style : It's pretty inspiring but not really a book you "read" through. Still, it's on my nightstand and deserves a second look!


Some books I have read recently and loved:

We Need to Talk About Kevin {Lionel Shriver} : Fascinating story about a mother dealing with her son committing a school shooting.

A History of Love {Nicole Krauss} : Beautifully written story about love and loneliness.

Any suggestions?
Bookcase photo by Chotda.

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