16 September 2009


Sometimes I wonder how often the people in missed connections listings actually get to meet. If nothing else, wouldn't it be a funny story to tell their friends?
A few weeks ago I left a note on a guy's car because I liked his bumper stickers. We went out a few times but nothing came of it. I still believe in kismet. Reading these illustrated missed connections gives me hope--it could happen to anyone!

"Are you scared of birds or something? Well, whatever the case, it was cute. Do you live on N7th too? We could hang out. "

"If not for your noisy Tambourine, I would not have seen you. Your green skirt looked terrible, but that leather jacket makes you look just right. I was the attractive guy sitting to your left just before you got off. "


Melissa Blake said...

I always wonder that too! And kudos to you for leaving a note on his car...don't know if I'd be that brave! :)

Deb said...

A good friend of mine actually saw a missed connections about him that a girl posted--they went out for coffee, but alas, no spark! Hilarious story, though. And I love the illustrations, too.

Ace said...

Kismet is one of my favourite words!