25 September 2009

First Panic

My internship this past summer really put my upcoming graduation from college into perspective. In December 2010 I will be thrust out into the Real World, and I have no idea where I'd like to go.

I've moved between the east and west coasts multiple times in the last four years, and from that, I've learned that I can be comfortable living basically anywhere. The other day at my university's job fair I identified my "preferred geographic region" as the west coast. I hadn't even realized this was true!

As it turns out, I miss California quite a bit. Plus, the Bay Area is THE place to be if you're working in the tech industry--which I plan to be. There are many other cities across the U.S. I could see myself in, but I truly have no clue what I'm looking for. I have no real considerations to speak of and all of this freedom is mildly overwhelming!


Ace said...

Oh my dear I feel your pain!!! I'm graduating in May and lord knows what I'm going to do with myself. I would love to find a job in NYC and move back there asap. But I know that I need to just take the best ob available where ever it is. I also don't know what my finances will look like and whether or not I'll have to stay in Boston for a bit to work and save money. I'm also looking at an amazing company out in San Fran, but having never spent any time out there I really feel I would have to investigate first. The real world is creeping up on us and though I'm excited, oh boy am I terrified.

plaisirs simples said...

i think that's the best way to be!! the world is at your hands! travel around, move different places, that's the great thing about being young! so many exciting surprises to come! it will come to you where you should be. everything always ends up working out how it should...true story!