08 April 2009

Portable Atlas

This tattoo of a world map is amazing; I wonder if I could ever be gutsy enough to get something like it. Isn't it gorgeous, though?


megan and melissa said...

That definitely is an interesting tattoo. The person modeling it has a beautiful skin tone. Don't you think?


Gutsy with capital G! I adore maps though!
~Happy Spring*

Amber said...

that is an absolutely gorgeous tatt. Oooh travel and the world are definitely tatt themes I could get behind. Do you have any?

Rebecca said...

No I don't have any tattoos.. yet! I really like Indian designs that are in henna tattoos and would love to have just a little piece of that.. but I'm a little nervous that I would feel lame about it later, as I have no connections to Indian culture whatsoever.

claire said...

That's fantastic. My husband is a geography nerd and would think this was the perfect combo of dead sexy and brainy.