29 April 2009

Summer Plans

I was able to get a really cool internship this summer and will be spending 12+ weeks far away working. I'm supremely excited but a little nervous. 12 weeks is 3 whole months-- a very long time to be away from everyone I know and love! Overall, though, it should be a great experience and I'm glad to have the opportunity.

When I finish up I'll have a little over 2 weeks before school starts. I'm hoping to take some kind of trip... even just to the beach.

Does anyone else have big plans for the summer?

photos by Emma Uber


Ace said...

I too will be interning and moving to NYC for the summer. That's my big plans.

kle said...

No big plans, but slightly envious of you. I never got to do that - it'll be an amazing experience! Can't wait to hear all about it x

Megan and Melissa said...

I love this picture...it is beautiful. Congratulations on your internship! What an exciting new adventure to embark on..