17 April 2009

That time of the week again

This week, I: got my first Real Job, became excited about upcoming projects, and ate lots of pizza.

This weekend I hope to: attend a party or two, write a paper, tidy my room, and find a wrap dress for the Job. Maybe I'll even go to a Contra Dance -- I've never been!


Ace said...

You should definitely get a bike! I love having mine. It used to be my boyfriends and its a bit big for me but it works alright. It was a hideous green color when he gave it to me but we took it apart and painted it bright baby blue. Once it was dry we took it to a bike shop to get fixed up, put a basket on it and it was good to go. Now everyone knows me for my pretty blue bike.

Megan and Melissa said...

Congratulations on your first job!! How exciting to start a new adventure. Hope you have a good weekend. I have to study all weekend for finals so it sounds like your plans are much better than mine!