16 June 2010


Everything seems to have gotten away from me for a long while, including this blog. I found myself posting things that I didn't really care about. It didn't truly represent me, and I became bored. I'm working on self-improving (really, shouldn't we all?), however, and am attempting to surround myself with things that truly inspire me. I'm still trying to decide whether I can create a space here that is personal enough to represent my interests while remaining appropriate for sharing with whomever stumbles upon this site.

I'm spending this summer working in Los Angeles, the culmination of an exhausting cross-country road trip, short jaunt to San Francisco, and volunteer work on a goat farm in Big Sur. I've surely been bitten by the travel bug. I hope to spend most of my weekends in SoCal cramming my brain full of beautiful things; the Joshua Tree National Park is surely on my shortlist of things to see.

photo by moominsean.


Ace said...

Oh hun, I felt exactly the same way. Figuring out new posts became a chore and my life was just too overwhelming to appreciate the pretty things(this is a fact I'm not proud of). But I'm trying to get back to it now, with my blog and a new blog I'm starting with a friend about post grad life, job hunting, and moving to NYC with no money and no clue what we're doing. Sounds like you're on your feet though, a goat farm in Big Sur? Sounds fantastic. Keep us posted, I'd love to hear more. Also, what are you working as?

Deb Oh said...

Take all the time you need to find your voice, but keep posting girl - I lurve this blog! It's one of my few actual daily reads. So keep on keepin' on :)

Elle said...

I missed you. Welcome back.