26 May 2009

DIY Noodles

Wow. These pasta noodles look delicious and seem like they'd be a snap to make: the only ingredients are flour and egg. Plus, you don't need any fancy Kitchenaid appliance to form the individual noodles.

I'm a huge pasta fan and often make some sort of pasta dish whenever I have friends over for dinner. Next time I'm invited to a potluck dinner party I'm pulling out this recipe. To serve I'd add fresh basil, italian chicken, lots of garlic, and roasted cherry tomatoes. Oh, the possibilities.

Photos via Pioneer Woman


megan and melissa said...

These would be so fun to make one night for a dinner party. If you decide to make some let me know how it goes!

Lauren Elizabeth said...


Rachel said...

This looks yummy, I was just wanting to make fresh pasta, thanks for the tip!