13 May 2009

Just in Case

I went to the Farmer's Market this past weekend and fell in love with the beautiful flower stall. They arranged the most gorgeous bouquets for only $12 flat! So, just in case anyone wants to get me flowers, here are my absolute favorites. What are yours?

Ranunculus. I love the vibrant colors and the tightly-wound layers.

Peonies. They just make me giddy.

And of course the old standard, tulips.

Wow, I love these pictures so much. Maybe I'll just buy myself some of each!


Birdcage Cards said...

peonies, peonies, peonies! I just love them; they make me truly happy. I often count the year by its proximity to peony season and thankfully its almost ready to start here in NY. Oh, and I think any flower in white is perfectly stunning.

Ace said...

Daisies, sunflowers, orange roses. Hope your internship is going well! I know its tough being away from your hunnie, it is for me as well, but it's so fun when they visit. I'm looking forward to the gentleman friend and I's first NYC adventure this weekend.

Megan and Melissa said...

I love, love, love peonies too. I also love white daisies. Flowers have always been something that I look forward to the most for spring. They automatically bring something to a room when flowers are present. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

Katie said...

peonies are my absolute favorite! they make me feel so glam- like an italian socialite or something :)

"hi, i'm ginny branch and i love love." said...

i want all of these!!!! i'm such a sucker for some sweet buds!

Claire said...

I love ranunculus too but my favorite favorites are either orange roses or pansies.