31 August 2009


This summer was difficult. I was challenged, and I grew-- intellectually, emotionally, and mentally. I experienced new things and altered the way I perceived existing parts of my life. I learned to be a better friend by recognizing my own true friends. I realized that I could hold my own against anybody. I caught a glimpse of my future and found comfort in its uncertainty. I took pride in myself. In my mind, this summer will always be identified with personal growth.
Now, though, I'm ready to slow down; I'm eager to become involved in my regular activities and establish rituals again. I'm learning to pace myself.


Kyla Roma said...

It sounds like an extremely eventful summer, and like it was a little painful too. I hope you took the time to be kind to yourself between the lessons that life was tossing in your path, and that fall is good to you- and slower.

paula said...

what an amazing summer you had... I can still remember the summer this happened to be (8 years ago).