01 February 2010


The Icelandic Elf School, Álfaskólinn, "teaches about the hidden people and the 13 different kinds of elves that inhabit the country of Iceland". According to Wikipedia, the existence of elves is a relatively common belief in the country.
The best part? The school has certificate programs so that anyone can participate and earn a degree in as little as half a day.
photo via the Reykjavik Grapevine


caroline duke said...

ok. a trip to iceland is in order.

i need this certification on my resume.

Anonymous said...

ok let me tell you that I would totally do this. In a heartbeat. when I was little I din't play with barbies but I played with minitures. I turned my whole closet into a miniture land with bears and bunnys (mini) as my toys. oh my god ... where do I sign up ...lol.
* that post just brought back memories like you would not believe!

Amanda said...

They have *fairies* too. Somebody was all set to build a highway through a forest and the people said "YOU CANNOT BUILD A HIGHWAY THERE! IT IS WHERE THE FAIRIES LIVE!"

Some days I think the fact of fairies in Iceland is all that gets me up in the morning.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

This is amazing.

Deb Oh said...