29 May 2009

My Whereabouts

In the past week, I have celebrated an anniversary:
Visited Monterey, California:
Driven through San Francisco, California:
And bought a bike:
(whose basket I am considering replacing, any thoughts on wicker?)

Along with working lots of hours. I've been very, very busy. This weekend I hope to ride the train up to San Francisco, do laundry, and make guacamole. Lofty ambitions, I know. Any suggestions of what to do while in San Francisco (preferably near the Caltrain stop)?

All photos taken by me.


Ace said...

My personal favourite baskets are actual vintage baskets attached with wire of some sort. They must be sturdy though. I'm so glad you and your beau will get to spend the 4th together, I've always thought it's a rather romantic holiday.

megan and melissa said...

It sounds like your week has been hectic but also fun. I love your new bike! I think I would though change the basket thought to something that is vintage...wicker or something. Hope you have a good weekend.

Kristin said...

That sounds like a fabulous week! Definitely go for wicker!

xnapoleonx said...

I'd say that basket may come in handy though

chelsea said...

Oh congrats on everything! That bike is so cute! I love it and wicker or wire would be super cute for the basket. I've been doing lots of biking on a borrowed bike lately. It's so much fun! I need to save my pennies for a bike.

caroline duke said...

oh my gosh that sounds great. i visited sf for the first time about two years ago and i'm sad to say i can't make any recommendations for you. i was so lost there! but it is a gorgeous city.