12 October 2009

Mount Rainier

One of the best things about flying into Seattle is the view from the plane. If you come in from the north, the plane seems to swoop right by Mount Rainier. Even the locals have their faces pressed against the windows, admiring the mountain.
My fall break is this weekend and I'm visiting my parents in Seattle. I can't wait.
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Anonymous said...

mmm.. I agree. Though I love the big wall of windows in the airport. *sigh* I miss the west so much sometimes. xo

Ace said...

oh my gosh, it's beautiful. I'm jealous, I need to get out of boston.

{lovely little things} said...

Even though I've lived here most my life, it's still awe inspiring to see the mountain on a clear day. Glad you also enjoy Seattle -

Gainfully Unemployed said...

Also a Seattle-dweller. I'm appreciating those gorgeous pictures that capture a view which is becoming more and more elusive as fall rolls on.
I love your blog, the simple words and simple style. Makes me feel relaxed just looking at it. Kudos!